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The Development of Libyan Armed Groups Since 2014

  • Abdul Rahman Alageli

    Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme

    زميل مشارك، برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا

  • Emadeddin Badi

    Non-resident scholar, Countering Terrorism and Extremism Programme, Middle East Institute


  • Mohamed Eljarh

    Co-founder, Libya Outlook for Research and Consulting


  • Tim Eaton

    Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House

    زميل أبحاث أول، تشاثام هاوس

  • Valerie Stocker



Community Dynamics and Economic Interests

This paper explores armed group–community relations in Libya and the sources of revenue that have allowed armed groups to grow in power and influence. It draws out the implications for policy and identifies options for mitigating conflict dynamics.

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